"...and if you said that happiness is real. Please bring it to me along with butterfly, rainbow and the blue blue sky ..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


aku menggigil..
ku tarik kain sarung itu..
tampaknya malah semakin menggigil..
ku coba tuk cari sedikit kehangatan
... ... ... ... ...
tak ada apa apa
hanya sebatang lilin yang diam dan berdebu disana
konsentrasi..pusatkan nyala api dalam kepala
...aku berteriak dalam hati..
lilin itu masih saja diam
tak ada nyala api dan smakin menggigil aku..
sekali lagi mencoba mungkin tak ada salahnya......
ahh masih saja lilin itu diam dan semakin linu tulang tulangku ini..
...hanya seekor laba laba kecil yg mendekat memintal jaringnya di ujung lilin itu...


Monday, April 11, 2005

chemistry and me

one word that i heard a lot lately

chemistry between 2 people with different sex
if can get along with him ... then you become a stupid person, get high and being sorry

chemistry with your client
you can make your client happy .. in no matter what
(or how bloody - silly - dying you are)

but i am sure of one thing about Chemistry
"It's such a complicated subject on high school that always left me on six point (at the top)"

Well .... then, I'll say
I dont have any chemistry with all kind of chemistry

Is it a mistake or what?

- rendjana -